Car Battery Replacement Services

In need of urgent car battery replacement?

Car batteries are rechargeable batteries that supply electric energy to a vehicle. This means that they are one of the most important parts of every car because if they are not working properly you won’t be able to drive your vehicle. Unfortunately, car batteries last for a limited period of time. 

Car batteries are classified as dangerous goods and should be handled with utmost precaution, the most extreme cases leading to death. With today's modern technology, there are a lot of sensitive equipment and complexities that must be taken into consideration when installing a battery.

Car battery replacements should be conducted by professionals, as various challenges can arise from a bad installation, which could potentially cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair fees. Our mobile battery specialists at 101 Batteries are equipped with the latest testing equipment and are able to diagnose a problem, replace a battery or safely jump start your car in no time.

Service Price

While a majority of mobile car battery replacement services can to be expensive due to the many costs associated with running the business, at 101 Batteries, we are continuously adopting new automation solutions in order to keep the price down so that the end result is an affordable and fair service fee.

Time and Service Efficiency

Our average arrival time is within 45 minutes of your call if you are located within Sydney. However, certain factors may affect our estimated time of arrival:

Traffic - the single most common reason for longer arrival times.

Our solution: We are utilising advanced GPS equipment so that we can get to you as soon as possible and will provide you with regular updates on our time of arrival. We are also taking on more technicians so that we can be closer to you.

Process - A technician can be held back processing a job which may take much longer than it really should. These issues are mostly due to out of date technology or out-of-date procedures.

Our Solution: We are constantly refining our processes to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing our technicians more time to focus on reaching their destination and getting the job done efficiently. Our software is kept up-to-date and operates in real time. 

Multilingual Service

We currently offer Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking car battery replacement service.

What our customers say

  • "Excellent service - top quality product. Arrived onsite and was replaced my car battery promptly. Reasonably priced for top level professional service. Highly recommended."
    - P H
  • "My battery went flat last night. I don't have access to a road side assist service so I googled 101 batteries. They arrived quickly and the serviceman David was very professional. I would definitely use them again in the future."
    - Evan G
  • "Being stuck with a flat battery is never a nice experience. Called 101 Batteries and spoke to David- a really nice guy. Battery was cheaper than from other places. He was quick and efficient wow, what great service!"
    - Maria N
  • "Had an issue with my battery this long weekend. Did a quick Google of 'car battery replacement' and 101 was the top choice. They were quick to respond, the tech knew knew his batteries and had us back on the road in good time with a few handy tips. T"
    - Joshua P
  • "I have NRMA roadside assist but the wait was far too long on a 30+ degree day. These guys understood the urgency of the situation and arrived within 15 minutes. They were very prompt and reliable."
    - Fiona L
  • "Great customer service. Fast and reliable. Will recommend to anyone."
    - David R
  • "Prompt service and reliable. They arrived on time as scheduled. Very friendly staff. No complaints. 10/10 service."
    - Julian W
  • "I got recommended 101 batterys from a friend. I can say that the service was very good and the technician fix my problem so quickly. I would recommend them to anyone."
    - Christine J
  • "My battery went flat while driving home late at night and NRMA said it was at least a 1 hr wait. Decided to give these guys a call and they arrived in less than 20 mins. And their prices were more competitive too! I know who i'll be calling from now "
    - Kentaro S